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Instructions to Life podcast


What your parents never told you.


Omid Torkian


Life Pro Coaching


Entrepreneur, brand builder, speaker, and strategic advisor. 20 years experience in eCommerce, Real Estate, Retail, Logistics and specialty in management and team building. 


Omid Torkian earned his degree in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge in 2000.  His experience in finance led him to work on Wall Street from 2000-2003 for Syndicated Loans division of Deutsche Bank.  In 2003, he returned to Los Angeles to start his own eCommerce business. He has since become an award-winning seller on multiple marketplaces and ventured into other businesses since 2011 including real estate, mom and pop ice cream shops, and most recently, ShipBots.


Omid Torkian specializes in brand building and helping train his managers in process.  He is an expert in supply chain management and logistics.  He has leveraged his experience in Finance and business to build business relationships and strategic partners.  He likes to help educate others about starting a business and doing what it takes to be successful. 

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